Copper, zinc, lead, gold and silver minerals, concentrates and secondaries
Value added to the supply chain:
warehousing, blending, consolidating, shipping, financing and moreā€¦..
To reach small and medium producers is our priority
Global scale physical services to base mineral
and metal producers and consumers
International trading for producers and consumers of base metals and minerals
Management brings skills, experience
and a broad global network
Trade facilitator between producers and consumers
NEXXTRADE has as a first priority to attend the small and medium size miners on their needs for the purchase and sale of productions. It also serves large miners and smelters to trade on slugs or complex materials that otherwise cannot be treated at their own works.

Our strategies are to:

•    Build long term sources of base metal concentrates. To achieve this goal, we are willing to commit financial resources to back new or expanding mining and industrial projects.

•    Expand our regional coverage by opening new representative offices and grow our global network. Both actions are aimed to broaden our trade channels and diversify our customer base.

Over the years we have served the requirements of miners, smelters and refineries in the following countries and regions:

Mexico, Peru, China, Japan, Korea, United States. Canada and Europe.

The average annual turnover in the last four years is an average volume of around 250,000 metric tons of material.